How To Start a Snapchat Streak

Here’s a little background info to get us all caught up to speed: You know you’re in the middle of a Snapchat streak when you see the fire emoji next toa friend’s name in Snapchat. This means that you and a special Snapchatter in your life have sent each other snaps within 24 hours for at least two days in a row. Basically, in the language of Snapchattian, it means that your relationship is, like, really cool. This is how you get a Snapchat streak — by snapping away on the daily.

So basically, the idea is to keep your streak going as long as you can. If you’re looking to maintain yours but are worried you’ll hit the 24-hour mark having forgotten to snap your buddy (shame!), there’s something to remind you to hurry the eff up: A little hourglass.

If you see an hourglass next to the Snapchat streak flame, it means that your streak is about to end and you seriously need to snap that person something. Anything. Right now. Snap your big toe and send it to them, for all I care. If it’s their turn to Snap you, though, you might be out of luck; short of repeatedly Snapping them reminding them to send you one back (not the greatest Snapchat etiquette), you’ll just have to wait… which might mean losing your streak status. Sorry.

But hey, at least Snapchat makes it easy to keep track of your streaks by putting the number of days of your streak next to the name of your friend. This only applies to Snaps, though — not chats!

So there you have it, folks: In order to get a Snapchat streak, snap a friend at least once every 24 hours for as many days as you can. Be the champion Snapchatter. Make your friends jealous. Good luck.